Infrastructure Support (Albini High School)

We are a rural school situated in the rustic country fields of Ntshongweni near Pinetown. Our school has stood as a beacon of hope for the impoverished community in our locale for more than 60 years.

We are renowned within Kwazulu-Natal Department of Education for our impeccable record of excellent academic achievement. The demeanour and substance of girls who have gone through our hands is comparable to none in our immediate vicinity as well as the whole country.

We strive for good behaviour, proper manners and overall adept conduct. Regrettably, our school is classified by South African Schools Act as a section 20 public school. This statute limits the funding that we could be receiving. Furthermore, our quintile placement has been reduced from that of quintile 4 to quintile 3. This entails that we can no longer receive school fees from parents, hence an end to a significant school support fund.

Nevertheless, South African School’s Acts Section 36 subsection l states that “A governing body of a public school must take all reasonable measures within its means to supplement the resources supplied by the State in order to improve the quality of education provided by the school to all learners at the school.” As a result of this requirement we have embarked on several fundraising endeavours seeing how dilapidated and worn out our school is. It is in this line of effort that we plead with you to assist us in any way that you can. 

The list of items that we need assistance with is as follows: 

  1. Classroom roof repairs: (our girls in grade 9 have recently been put out of their two classrooms due to roof damage. Restoring these two learning centres has abruptly become a compelling need for our school) 
  2. Renovation of existing classrooms: (wall repainting, ceiling boards, floor tiling, window and door repairs, chalkboard and chart board remounting, electrical wiring) 
  3. Audio-visual classroom: (mounted data projectors, projector screens, dual inter-write boards, PA system) NB. We have one inter-write board and one data projector. The inter-write board is mounted in our Maths Literacy (ML) centre since we do not have an actual audio-visual classroom. 
  4. Science laboratory: currently we are using an old run down room with inadequate ventilation, no running water and no gas equipment. Our ultimate wish is to have a new science laboratory built for us, however should this not be possible we would be grateful for a complete overhaul of the existing room; a fresh coat of paint, laboratory furniture, windows and door repairs, roof repairs, ceiling, floor tiling and most of all stock acquisition. 
  5. Administration block refurbishment: this area of our school requires some remodelling and sprucing up since it is vital for visitor and outsider impression.

Donate for this campaign to assist the school with their infrastructure needs.