Adopt-a-School (Syafunda Digital Library)

In partnership with our technology partner we have developed a Syafunda Digital Library.

Our library emits a wi-fi hotspot which allows learners to connect and download a variety of STEM educational content through videos, worksheets, past exam papers, textbooks etc. at no cost to the learner or without data.

The aim of the library is for learners and educators to access and make use of the content to supplement the knowledge and teaching obtained in the classroom. Learners are not limited to learning only in the classroom; they can download the content onto any mobile device and access this, at their convenience to review and revise topics covered in the classroom.

The Syafunda Digital Library is fully functional in areas without internet infrastructure and connectivity and is a simple plug-and-play device only needing a power point (electricity or solar) with a capacity of over 700 simultaneous users.

Our learners are from the poorest of the poor families and communities, and attend no fee paying schools. Classrooms are crowded and in some instances there are no qualified teachers. Data is a luxury and therefore access to online educational content to supplement classroom learning is a challenge and impossible for most.

Your Donation will allow for the Syafunda Digital Library (SDL) to be deployed at schools that are previously disadvantaged in townships and rural villages and provide learners with educational content to support their learning.